Friday, July 20, 2012

Your favorite: 'The Book That Eats People'

"The Book That Eats People" by John Perry had to be your favorite book growing up. You liked the one we checked out from library so much that I had to buy it for you.

The book is apparently a monster that likes to eat people - and the story tells of all the kids it ate and how it was captured. It's full of warnings about what you should do to remain safe whenever with the book.

You loved the safety tip that says we should grind up the page's book in your "daddy's coffee grinder." You were only 3 or barely 4 when you told me "We should do that, Daddy!"

Another part of the book tells how it swapped covers with the book "All About Dolphins." I once checked out a book about dolphins at the library (when you 3 or barely 4), and you got scared because you thought hidden under the cover it might be the real book that ate people!

The last line of the book was "Because this is a book that eats people!" and whenever I finished reading it, I'd snap the book at you like it was going to bite. You'd jump back and roll in laughter and ask me to read the book again.

Can't wait to read the book to you again - and to give the copy of the book to you to keep forever!

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