Monday, July 16, 2012

Got new glasses this weekend

Got a new pair of glasses this weekend so I might look a little different the next time you see me. You might recall that I also shaved off my goatee just before we were forced apart. So I suppose the look of the dad you remember probably will be a lot different when we next see one another! I know that you'll look much different, too, as you're growing up so fast. Missing out on watching you grow kills me every day, Kieran, but I know no matter what either one of us looks like, we will still have fun together, and no matter how many years we're apart, we'll still have that bond we forged in those first minutes after you were born.

I wonder if one day you'll have to wear glasses. I've worn them them since fifth or sixth grade - well, actually I was supposed to wear them since fifth or sixth grade but didn't take it seriously and only started wearing them regularly when I began ninth grade. They were uncomfortable to wear, and I thought I'd be picked on for wearing them. My school work in junior high in part suffered for it, though, and I decided I needed to quickly remedy that.

During college, I did wear contacts for a couple of years, so some of my pictures from that era will show me eyeglass-less or in sunglasses. But thanks in part to mild allergies I often get dry eyes, so that wasn't very conducive to wearing contacts, and I went back to glasses.

I won't moralize by telling you to wear your glasses should you need to get them (Though I guess I just did!). Every one has to make their own choices - and I know you're smart enough to make the right one.

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