Saturday, July 7, 2012

Remember your book 'Spaceman Sam'?

Was looking through some of your old children's books that you loved so much and came across "Spaceman Sam," a book you loved me to read to you even when you were an infant and couldn't understand the words. Part of the book's appeal was that pieces of it could be moved as Sam went through his adventure of taking a rocket into space, and you always enjoyed moving all of the controls around and opening the spaceship's door. The big surprise came at the end, though, when a you could press a button and release a spring that shot a mini rocket-shaped version of the ship into space! You would do that over and over. Some of the interactive parts of the book are a little ripped and broken, but I'll try to tape them back together for you. Maybe one day either you or I will get to read it to your children!

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