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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our telephone call and this weekend

I'm glad we were able to finally talk by telephone last night, Kieran! Hearing your voice again was so wonderful!

I am very proud of you for doing so well on your math test. You've always been very good at math - when you were only three years old, you could count close to a hundred and then by fives up to a hundred! That was better than most kindergartners!

This weekend we will go to the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. The weather will be rainy and cold, so I needed to find something for us to do inside. We can have lunch at the zoo and then see the tropics and the Minnesota animals section, which are indoors. We also might be able to do the monorail. We might also do an IMAX movie, but the only one showing is "Space Junk 3D."

I love you very much and can;t wait to see you this weekend - and to talk to you again next Tuesday!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great news for us, Kieran!

I am very excited today, Kieran! We now will get to spend more time with one another and go places other than the family center.

Our expanded time togther begins today! I will see you at 11 a.m. I have a fun day planned for us at an aquarium and also lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe.

We also will get to talk to one another by telephone each Tuesday night. Your mother will place the call to me between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The telephone calls will replace the emails that I send each Saturday.

I also soon will be speaking with your teacher and attending your school activities.

Do not worry, I will continue to write a daily blog post here until we finally are allowed to speak to one another each and every day unhindered. I also will continue to fight for your right to see and talk with me. The right will be slow in coming, I fear, but it will come.

I will see you at 11 a.m. later this morning! I love you!