Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Hello? The banana is for you'

Had a banana this morning and instantly thought of you. "Why?" you ask.

Whenever we went to the supermarket together, you sat in the grocery cart seat, and as we'd pass the bananas in the produce section, I'd always say, "Why look at all of the yellow telephones they have for sale!"

You'd say, "Those aren't telephones! They're bananas!"

Ignoring you, I'd go "Brrrngg!" and then hold a banana to my head as if it were a telephone. "Hello?" I say into the banana. "Why yes, he's right here." I'd then pass the banana to you and say, "It's for you."

You'd hold the banana to your head as if it were a telephone and go, "Hello?"

Then you'd get this disgusted look on your face, knowing that you'd been tricked, and say, "This is NOT a telephone."

After a few seconds as we moved on, you'd unpeel the banana and eat it!

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