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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Remember your Playmobil knights castle?

Do you remember your Playmobil castle? It was a small portion of a larger set but offered plenty of fun times anyways.

It included part of a wall that could be broken through, a small cell for captured prisoners, a took/tower, and a couple of knights to battle it out! The toy sat in your tote of knights toys.

We usually used the play castle in conjunction with other might be the lair of the evil Star Wars action figures or the temporary base for the good knights as they held out against an assulat from all of the bad dragons!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do you remember your knights set?

Do you recall your Playmobil knights set? I got them for you at Christmas 2011, and we had a ball playing with them each time you visited though spring 2012.

The set consisted of three knights, a cannon, and a horse, as well as assorted shields, swords, banners, and helmets. We often played got out our other knight figures and a huge castle playset for "big battles."

I always said the banner they carried was "the Flag of King Kieran" and had them storm the castle "in the name of King Kieran!"

I still have the knight figures, but I think the cannon is gone. I'm not sure about the banners/shields and swords, though...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remember our car's DVD player?

You might recall that when we made all of those long trips back and forth betwen Palmdale and San Diego that you had this wonderful little DVD player to watch videos on. After we'd played some imagined game in the car for an hour or so, we'd take a break from it, and often you'd watch a DVD to pass the time on the drive.

Two DVDs in particular that I remember you liked as one about Imaginext characters who were knights and samurai and the other about penguins. The Imaginext ones came with a set of action figures we got, and the penguins came from the library.

One problem we often ran into was that we plugged the DVD player into the car's cigarette lighter, and the cord was barely long enough! If it got jerked, it would come out, and we'd have to start watching the video all over again!

I loved to hear you laugh as you listened to the DVD with its headphones!