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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A new drawing book for you

Earlier this week at the library I checked out for you a kid's book about drawing. I'm going to photocopy it and give it to you on one of your upcoming visits.

I've noticed during our last few visits that you've taken an interest in drawing, boldly trying to copy - without tracing - scenes from books. You appeared to enjoy the challenge, and I might add that for a six-year-old, were quite good at it!

I've always tried to encourage your interest in art by having paints, colored pencils, colors, markers and Play-Doh available, as well as scissors and glue to make collages. I also took you to a few art museums.

Perhaps the book will be too advanced, perhaps for you this is just a passing fancy. But I think you'll find drawing very satisfying in both the challenge of creating something and in the meditative pleasure it brings.