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Friday, February 21, 2014

Remember Your Imaginext Bat Copter?

A couple of days ago while in Kmart I saw one of your old toys - the Bat Copter that went with your Imaginext Bat Cave. That brought back lots of memories!

We often used the Bat Copter when playing with the Bat Cave. Sometimes the villains even tried to capture the copter!

You really liked playing with the copter, though, when we got a Imaginext Fire Rescue chopper - it was red with a circled letter R on it, so you said it was Robin's helicopter! We now had a chopper for both Batman and Robin (You typically assigned me the Bat Copter while you got "Robin's chopper") and took them together on lots of adventures!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Do you recall your Green Lantern plane?

Do you remember your Green Lantern plane? It was an Imaginext toy and went with the all of the superhero toys made by that company (like the Batcave and the Joker's hideout)!

Perhaps because green was your favorite color as a preschooler, you had a definite affection for the Green Lantern, though there wasn't much on the air about him. I do recall a couple of Batman cartoon episodes involving the Green Lantern, though.

In any case, we often used the Green Lantern plane when taking astronauts on adventures to other worlds (usually a table in another room!) rather than as a superhero toy! Our Imaginext astronauts fit perfect into the cockpit!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Remember the Joker's Funhouse toy?

One toy you played a lot with when a preschooler was the Joker's Funhouse. It went along with the Batcave set we had (Though you liked the Batcave much more!).

The Joker's Funhouse was the Joker's hideout and had lots of places where Batman and Robin could get trapped. If you pressed a button, the Joker laughed and taunted Batman, though I can't quite remember what he all said.

One of the Batman books we had involved Batman and Robin capturing the Joker in a carnival funhouse, so I think the playset was made all that much more fun because it related to a story you knew!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rcall your Imaginext dump truck?

Do you remember your Imaginext dump truck? I believe you got it for your first birthday and picked it out all on your own when at the Target store in Santa Clarita.

By pushing a button, the bed of the dump truck would rise. We'd put blocks in it and watch them fall out when your truck arrived at the pretend construction site.

The truck also came with a couple of construction worker guys. I think you actually like the guys better than the truck! They had shovels and other neat hand tools. We often used those guys with our firemen and space station soldiers when playing with our other Imaginext toys!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Remember your yellow submarine?

Do you recall your Imaginext yellow submarine? We had lots of fun playing with it when you were a preschooler. It was yellow jst like the submarine in the Beatles song!

The submarine shot "missiles" and had a sliding door so we could put people inside it. Putting your hand inside the sub to set people, though, was a little difficult because the door was so small.

We often used the submarine as a "spaceship" when playing, mainly because there really was no way to get it to "underwater" when pretending.

The submarine was one of many "sea toys" you had. You also had a fishing boat and lots of ocean animals. The guys and their diving gear from the submarine were great for playing with our our "sea toys"!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recall your construction crane?

Another one of your favorite toys as a toddler and preschooler was the Imaginext construction crane. It was a long truck with a crane that you could raise on its truckbed. At the end of the crane was a wrecking ball that could be used to knock stuff down!

Among those items was this cool conical tower made out of five pieces. We often used that tower as a "cage" or a building when playing with other toys.

The truck also came with two construction guys, who probably were your favorite part of the whole set! They often were used when we played fireman or spaceman with your other Imaginext characters.