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Monday, September 17, 2012

Meeting your (and my) grandparents

George and Ivis Mueller
I'm so happy for you, Kieran, that you will grow up getting to know your grandparents. Both sets of my grandparents had died before I was born, so I grew up without them. I guess I didn't really notice that something was missing from my life until I got to elementary school and started hearing all of the great stories that my classmates told about their grandparents.

I was fortunate enough to have a couple of sets of aunts and uncles who served in the role of grandparents for me, though, and for that I am very grateful. On my dad's side were his oldest sister and her husband, who also were my godparents (All these years later, I must say that my aunt/godmother was very similar to Jane in behavior and outlook on life.). On my mother's side were her aunt and uncle, George and Ivis Mueller; my mother actually lived with them for a couple of years when she was growing up (Ivis, or "Auntie I" as we called her, passed away a few years ago but everyone else is still alive).

We always visited both sets of aunts/uncles at least once a month. Sometimes with my mother's aunt and uncle, we'd go two or three weekends a month, a for a while, we went to visit my godparents almost every day...that's a story of compassion on the part of my parents that I'll have to tell you about one day.

I can't wait to introduce you to my parents, my godparents, and to Uncle George. It will happen very soon, I promise!