Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How you got your name

Do you know how you got your name?

Your mother and I came up with four names - two for girls and two for boys (just  in case we had twins). The first name had to be Celtic in honor of our ancestry (She's opart Scottish, and I'm part of English). The middle name had to be that of a British king or queen - though the middle name of our favorite boy's name also was the name of your great-grandfather on your mother's side (or her grandfather). Actually, we started with her grandfather's name and because it also was the name of a British king, decided all of the other names also had to be of British kings or queens.

We mainly picked the first name because we liked its sound. But in your case, the name did have a special meaning - Kieran means "dark" and my first name means "bright." I thought that our names having the opposite meanings was kind of neat.

Your middle name, Edward, means "wealthy guardian," by the way.

What were the four names we selected? They were:
1. Kieran Edward
2. Keegan Arthur
1. Kelsey Elizabeth
2. Kenzie Anne

So if youwould have been a girl, we would have named you Kelsey Elizabeth!

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