Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What your dad does for a living

The thought crossed my mind that you might wonder what I do all day for work (Sometimes I wonder myself!). Well, I edit and write all day.

Most of my income is made by editing other people's writing. They send me their novels, nonfiction books, short stories, dissertations, academic papers, letters, legal documents, website text and more, which I proofread (correcting for spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar errors), comment on, specifically about the content (such as the story's plot and characters if a novel), and coach them on their writing style. I mostly do novels. In fact, you can go to my Inventing Reality Editing Service blog and see the covers and read plot summaries of all kinds of books that I've edited and that have gone on to be published.

I also write a lot, mainly my own stuff. Every day I pen blog entries about hiking and writing, which then are turned into books. I also write a little on the side, mainly novels and short stories, but I've also got a book of poetry published (or is about to be published as I write this entry to you). Currently, I have seven books planned for publication, six of which should come out during the next year (a novel, three books about writing, and two books about hiking).

I work mainly out of my house on a computer. In addition, I spend a lot of time in coffee shops working from my laptop, as being by yourself in a house all day with no one around can drive you a little batty after a while!

I stay quite busy - at any given moment I have three or four books that I'm editing, and as you can see from above I have a lot of books I'm writing as well. But I love what I do, and the income is more than sufficient to keep me going and ensure that I have plenty to spend on you when we are together (and we'll be together soon again, trust me).

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